EN ISO 14001 Certification of the environmental management system

This is the certified and continuous assurance that all production or service relevant processes within a company are carried out within the framework of environmental regulations as well as in accordance with legal requirements.
It is a fact that the various environmental influences of companies sometimes affect entire ecosystems and that natural, especially fossil, raw materials will not be available indefinitely.
With regard to the status as a company on the world market and the associated customer expectations and needs, it is important here to optimize the company processes in this respect also in the environmental area and also to control them sustainably.

The goals of ISO 14001

  • Conformity with national / international regulations
  • Increasing the legal certainty of the company by fulfilling legal requirements and conditions.
  • Preservation of the guarantee of the entrepreneurial duty of care
  • Reduction of pollutants
    Reduction of environmental pollution
  • Reduction of accident and liability risks
    Competitive advantages, as many customers demand an UM system
  • Raising employee awareness of environmental issues
  • Cost reduction in waste disposal, material, water and energy consumption

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