EN ISO 50001 International Energy Management System

It is the first global energy management system published according to the regional and national standards such as EN 16001. The ISO 50001 Energy Management System contains forced services and procedures necessary for the determination of the respective energy demand as well as the measurement and recording of consumption values. By means of creating an essential and systematic energy awareness, it aims to significantly reduce costs and environmental impacts, such as greenhouse gas emissions. The ISO 50001 energy management system standard can be used by companies of any type and size, without being influenced by geographical, cultural or social factors.
The standard is generally designed for independent use. However, if desired, it can be applied or integrated with other management systems by agreement.

The goals of ISO 50001

  • Increase energy productivity
  • Improvement of the environmental balance
  • Reduce safety risks in the energy sector
  • Increasing profitability by reducing energy costs

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